As the fall season settles in, the anticipation of winter feels like it’s just around the corner. However, before you know it, the days will shorten, warmer clothing will come out of storage, and outdoor home improvement projects will be on hold.

That’s why now is the perfect time to embark on some autumn home renovations, whether on a grand scale or a smaller one. Refreshing and updating the interior of your home can be incredibly satisfying after a long summer.


Why Consider Autumn Home Renovations?

Spring and summer are traditionally the peak seasons for home renovations, making autumn an opportune time to undertake some projects. Here are some compelling reasons to consider autumn home renovations:

  • Enhanced Contractor Availability: Contractors are more readily available during the fall months, reducing scheduling conflicts.
  • Faster Permit Processing: With lower demand, obtaining building permits can be quicker during the fall.
  • Prioritize Exterior Projects: Completing interior upgrades in autumn allows you to prioritize outdoor improvements before the winter chill sets in.

Let’s explore seven autumn home renovation ideas to tackle before the snowflakes start to fall.

1.   Give Your Garage a Makeover

garage makeover

Living in a cold climate might make the idea of a winter garage makeover seem implausible to many homeowners. There’s a common misconception that garage renovations are off-limits during the winter months. However, this notion is far from the truth. Regardless of your climate, interior home improvement work can be carried out in your garage all year round.

One key component of a comprehensive garage makeover involves applying a new floor coating. This is often where confusion arises regarding winter garage renovations. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Opt for a garage makeover specialist that utilizes polyaspartic floor coatings. These coatings allow for flooring applications even in the harshest winter conditions, unlike traditional epoxy floor coatings.

In addition to the flooring, here are some more ideas to enhance your garage, making it a more comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space:

  • Conquer garage clutter by incorporating efficient storage systems such as slatwalls, custom storage cabinets, and overhead racks.
  • Elevate your garage’s ambiance with upgraded lighting.
  • Consider installing new garage doors, a wise investment that offers one of the best returns in the realm of home improvement projects.
  • Embrace the future by upgrading to a garage door opener with smart home technology capabilities.

With these steps, you can transform your garage into a space that’s not only suitable for winter renovations but also a year-round haven for your vehicles and various projects.


2.   Revamp Your Closet

renovated closet

Like the garage, closets are hotspots for home clutter. Owning too many things is naturally the main reason excess clutter becomes a problem.

Another big reason clutter can become unmanageable, however, is that there’s a lack of an efficient, smart storage system to make optimal use of your available storage space.

A remodel of your closet can make it easier to keep your closet space organized. Have a professional evaluate your closet space so they can create a more functional wardrobe storage area where everything has its place.

Establishing a proper storage space for all of your items will eliminate the time you waste looking for things and keep the closet looking much tidier.

From improving a smaller reach-in closet with a closet organizer, to thinking bigger with this home improvement project and adding a large walk-in closet/dressing room, you’ll appreciate what a closet remodel can do for your home.

Spacious walk-in closets are a good investment, too. According to a survey of 3,000 homebuyers for a recent Canadian Home Builders Association study, a walk-in closet was the home feature they wanted the most.


3.   Make Small-Scale Home Decor Upgrades

crown molding

Smaller “cosmetic renovations” like rearranging furniture, changing light fixtures, or updating wall decorations can significantly impact a room’s ambiance and energy flow. Consider these minor upgrades:

  • Apply feng shui principles to rearrange furniture for a fresh room dynamic.
  • Modify wall decorations to refresh a room’s aesthetics.
  • Upgrade lighting fixtures, trim, or crown molding for added elegance.
  • Reupholster furniture or replace rugs, carpets, or drapes for a fresh look.


4.   Refresh with Paint

new paint job

Painting is an ideal autumn renovation project that can dramatically transform any room. Whether you’re lightening a dark space or creating an accent wall, a fresh coat of paint offers endless creative possibilities. Here’s what you need to know about autumn painting:

  • Ensure the room temperature is comfortable for optimal paint application.
  • Consider using paint with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) for a healthier environment.
  • Ventilate the room by opening windows or using fans to dissipate paint fumes


5. Transform a Spare Room

home office

A spare room in your house can be a lot more useful than merely being used as a dumping area for your home’s odds and ends. Make that space work harder for you by transforming it into something that allows you to get more functionality out of your home. That walk-in closet you’ve always wanted? A spare room is the perfect spot for it. Another great spare room idea is to turn it into a guest room.

Having a dedicated guest room simplifies things when relatives or friends stay overnight and you can create a space that’s more comfortable for your guests. To save space, add a practical pulldown wall bed (also known as a Murphy bed) to the room’s design.

There are plenty of other excellent uses for a spare room, including:

  • fitness room/home gym
  • kids playroom
  • craft room/hobby room
  • wine room
  • home office
  • study room
  • home library


6.   Upgrade Home Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Investing in home energy efficiency upgrades not only adds value to your home but also provides immediate and long-term savings on utility bills. Here’s how to improve energy efficiency:

  • Schedule a professional home energy audit to identify areas for improvement.
  • Enhance insulation in walls, ceilings, and attics to optimize heat retention.
  • Upgrade to energy-efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs.
  • Install a smart thermostat for precise temperature control.
  • Replace windows with energy-efficient options or use thermal window film.
  • Address drafts around windows, doorways, electrical switches, and outlets with caulking, insulating foam, weatherstripping, or thresholds.
  • Add thermal lining to curtains or invest in insulated curtains.


7.   Finish Your Basement

finished basement

A finished basement also adds value to your home and is considered to have a good-to-excellent return on investment of anywhere from 70-80%.

Updating your basement’s décor and making the space more comfortable is worth it when you consider the many uses a finished basement can have for a family.

You can create extra play space for your kids, design a room for enjoying your media, or create a more stylish, hospitable space for hosting social gatherings.

Setting up a private area for exercising or adding an extra bathroom are other worthy basement upgrade ideas, as are adding an extra bedroom or guest room.

Adding an extra basement bedroom is smarter than converting part of your garage into a living space (which can make your home harder to sell later on).

If you do decide to make a basement renovation one of the winter home renovations you plan to tackle, Strongwood Construction Inc. can help. We have plenty of ideas and solutions for making your basement more comfortable and functional, such as:

  • an electric fireplace for ambiance and a source of heat
  • entertainment unit
  • stylish custom cabinetry that maximizes a basement’s storage space
  • wet bar


Don’t Delay Your Autumn Home Renovations

As winter approaches, the list of exterior home and property tasks will grow. Start your interior autumn home renovations now, allowing you to focus on outdoor projects before the colder weather sets in. Give us a call and let us help you bring your autumn home renovation ideas to life.