Thinking about renovating your kitchen to include more storage space? A custom built pantry for your kitchen might just be the answer. A pantry is not just for keeping things tidy, it’s also a handy spot to store snacks, ingredients, and groceries. Great for those who want to save money and cook at home.

Nowadays, as food prices go up and more people are cooking at home, having a dedicated space for your ingredients is super important. Homeowners want to make the most of their kitchen space by using smart storage solutions. They see the kitchen as the central hub of daily life. Even with open-concept homes being trendy, having enough cabinet space, sleek countertops, and clever storage is still really important.

From cabinets devoted to staples to walk-in storage, pantries aren’t just limited to larger homes – even smaller kitchens can usefully incorporate them into their floorplan.


Maximizing Your Dream Custom Built Pantry Design

Dream pantry design

The main job of a pantry is to store food, supplies, and small appliances. Even with a minimalist floor plan, you’ll want extra essentials and a place to store them. Maximizing your pantry space is crucial.

Install a rolling element at the bottom of your pantry for easy access. Whether you choose cabinets or open wire shelving, rolling shelves make items on the bottom shelf more accessible.

Ensure your shelves go up to the top, utilizing unused space in the top 1-3 feet of your pantry. This space is ideal for items used less frequently in everyday cooking.


Varying Pantry Shelf Heights

Varying shelf heights is essential for efficient pantry storage. Plan shelves spaced between 10” and 20” apart, with taller shelves at the bottom and the tallest at counter height. This layout enhances the functionality of your custom dream pantry.

Mix and match shelf sizes on all available spaces for a versatile storage solution.


Space for Small Appliances

appliances in pantry

Design your pantry with space for small appliances to keep your kitchen counters clutter-free. Dedicate a shelf for less-used small appliances or plan for an extra countertop with electrical outlets.

Consider rolling shelves for multiple appliances. If space is limited, ensure you have electrical outlets available for the appliances.


Hidden Pantry Storage

Store seasonings neatly with hidden storage options, like under-cabinet spice racks. Combine open storage with cabinets to hide unsightly items like cleaners and paper products.

Tricky corners can be used for brooms and mops or offset shelving to maximize storage. Lazy Susans are great for smaller shelves in corners.


Storage Containers

storage containers in pantry

Utilize storage containers to organize pantry items effectively. Consider your budget and the material of the containers, such as glass or plastic. Glass containers are durable but more expensive, while plastic options are affordable and suitable for families with children.

Mix and match container options based on the items you’re storing. Unused storage systems contribute to food waste, impacting your daily budget.

Mix and Match Your Dream Pantry

Your custom built pantry needs to be designed to fit your family’s needs. Mix and match styles, materials, textures, and colors for a unique custom home design.

Don’t forget the storage opportunity on the back of the pantry door; use a shoe rack or an over-the-door rack for frequently used items.


Contact Strongwood Construction Ltd. to Create Your Custom Built Pantry

If you’re renovating or remodeling your kitchen, don’t overlook the importance of the pantry. From stand-alone to walk-in to butler’s pantries, they are integral to the kitchen. The detail and design of this space are as crucial as other features in your home.

Strongwood Construction Ltd. can help you create a pantry that complements your dream kitchen. Let’s chat about building your custom built pantry.