Full Home Renovations

It’s Time To Love Your Home 

Full Home Renovations

It’s Time To Love Your Home

Full Home Renovations

It’s Time To Love Your Home

Inspired Home Design. Superior Home Build.

Whatever the extent of your full home renovations, Strongwood Construction Inc. can provide all the construction services required to transform your home into a new home with finishes and upgrades that meet your needs.

Strongwood Construction Inc. has the specialists you need to tackle a full home renovation. We bring pride and passion to each and every project we do with our team of designers, project managers, and professional tradespeople

Get bundled pricing, and fast turn-around times. We have years of experience in every aspect of home renovation and construction, so you can rest assured the experts can handle everything for you.


A full home renovation can drastically increase your home’s value and give your house the lift it needs to sell on the market.

Even if you aren’t looking to sell, a full home renovation can be a game-changer for you and your family. No need to move if you can improve what you already have.

Whatever the reason is, come talk to us and see the possibilities of a full home renovation with Strongwood Construction.


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Home Renovations in Medicine Hat

Talk with one of our Team about your Home Renovation. Contact us or stop by our Showroom. We are conveniently located at 920 16 St SW in Medicine Hat, and are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Need more information about a full home renovation? Let’s talk!

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Our Recent Full Home Renovation Projects in Medicine Hat

utilizing open space in kitchen

The Sports Fan

This stylish sports room renovation features new flooring and custom lighting.

A complete Home Renovation – The Walters

A stunning hexagon raw edge back-splash and new granite counter-top.

The Strongwood Showroom

The full renovation of our showroom features unique areas for our customers.

Home Renovation F.A.Q.s

Here are the most popular questions we get from Medicine Hat homeowners to help you with your next Home Renovation.

Will home renovations make a big mess of my home?
It is understandable to be concerned about the mess that a renovation project might create around your property. Especially since you are spending a significant amount of money to improve your home, worrying about contractors is normal.

Any renovation will naturally create a certain level of “mess”; However, we will make sure any mess remains to a minimum by cleaning up as soon as possible.

Are renovations a good return on investment?
Yes! Home renovations in general are considered a good investment for multiple reasons. For starters, renovations improve the overall quality of your home, which improves your quality of life. Some kinds of renovations, like a new roof, will protect your home from damage and the elements. These in turn protect your family and belongings inside.

Some types of renovations will have a greater return on investment than others depending on your specific circumstances. This is especially true if you are considering renovations because you want to sell your home. The idea behind this strategy is to get a better selling price. You can achieve this by updating key appliances and rooms, namely the kitchen and bathrooms. This tactic can certainly pay off, but experts have advised homeowners to stick to a traditional look in order to appeal to the highest number of potential buyers.

I want to remoldel my whole house! But what should I do first?
Evaluate your home for design issues and then work towards solutions. Start by determining what you want to achieve with a remodel including which parts of the home are most in need of renovation.

Fundamentals first! This means investing in a sound foundation, roof, windows, plumbing, and heating/air is a necessity if they are in need of repair. Then prioritize your design update list—since updated kitchens and baths often bring the best return on investment we recommend homeowners prioritize these rooms for remodeling if they are undesirable or outdated.

Will I have to move out during my home renovation?
Though not necessary for every renovation project, typically for convenience it is best to relocate during extensive remodels. Living off-site may even help contractors to accelerate construction since working hours will be less limited. Projects requiring demo are particularly messy and often generate large amounts of dust, and sometimes even toxins. Reno zones may be deemed unusable for extended periods of time—a potential need for temporary housing is definitely something to consider when formalizing project budgets.

Luckily, working with experienced professionals like Strongwood Construction Ltd. can take the mystery out of home renovation.