The kitchen is often the first room people choose to renovate since it’s the center for food preparation and a social hub for entertaining. It’s one of the best areas in your home to invest in that will improve your home’s value and your own enjoyment of the space.

Increase Your Home’s Value With These Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to renovations, the most expensive ones will have the greatest return on investment. For example, a kitchen renovation can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 or more. If you spend $100,000 on your kitchen and you’re selling your house in two years’ time, you’ll recoup some of that money in the form of increased home value.

The same principle applies if you plan on staying in your house for 10 years or more: the longer you stay there (and the less repairs needed), then the more value-added features like updated appliances and countertops will be worth when it comes time for selling your home at future points in time.

Here are some tips on the best kitchen renovations you can do to increase the value of your home:

Add a kitchen island.

Kitchen islands are a great way to add storage and counter space, which will help make your home more functional and add value to your home. They can be used for food prep, dining or even as a bar.

If you’re looking to increase the value of your kitchen, adding an island is worth considering.


Add Recessed Lights

light fixtures kitchen renovation

Don’t rely solely on pendants or under-counter lights when it comes to kitchen lighting. Recessed lights are a subtle and affordable way to brighten a space when you need extra light.

Consider having these lights on a dimmer to give you flexibility. If you’re not doing a full renovation to your kitchen you can still add recessed lighting in an existing kitchen to improve its value and overall function.


Add Ecocentric Design

There is an increase in interest in organic, eco-friendly green design. Plastic, unless recycled, is out, and natural, sustainably sourced materials are in.

With a heightened awareness of the environmental impact of design, the green movement is sure to stay. To follow suit, opt for ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials.


Refresh Cabinets

refreshed kitchen cabinets

A fresh coat of paint and new hardware in a classic finish can give your kitchen and cabinets an entirely new look. Make sure your cabinets are properly cleaned and sanded prior to painting to ensure a durable finish.


Be Choosy About Switches + Outlets

Modern electrical options go far beyond dimmer vs. no-dimmer. Consider every switch and outlet in your kitchen, and decide how you’ll use them.

You may find that some would be more convenient for USBs or nightlights, wi-fi or motion activation. There are certain chargers available that enable wireless phone charging. This really cuts back on countertop clutter.


Update Your Kitchen Countertops

kitchen renovation with new countertops

Don’t be tempted to directly install granite or quartz slab kitchen countertops. These are pricey choices. Instead, go for cheaper materials like laminates, granite remnants, tiles, or Formica since these options will still give you a stunning look.

Likewise, you can opt for low-quality stone slabs or porcelain for your kitchen countertops. Your countertops will still look stunning and your return on investment will be better with these types of countertop materials.


Optimize the Pantry

Storage space has become an essential feature in the kitchen, and experts agree that 50-75 percent of the cost of building the pantry can be added to the value of your home. However, the amount a pantry adds to your home’s value is determined by your home’s price and the type of pantry you have.


Modern Tile Backsplash

Installing a new tile backsplash with geometric designs and exciting color palettes would complement your newly refaced cabinets and kitchen counters.

If you want to achieve a streamlined appeal in your small kitchen, then we can install similar color tones with your countertop to have a seamless transition. Moreover, the labor cost for tile backsplash installation is much more minimal than the other elements included in your remodeling.


Invest in Coordinated Appliances

Coordinated Appliances

Matching appliances create consistency which adds value, but you can also maximize your financial investment by purchasing an appliance bundle. If there’s a specific fridge or oven you’ve been eyeing, be sure to ask if there’s an opportunity for a discount if you bundle multiple appliances in one purchase.


Don’t Forget About Kitchen Light Fixtures

Similar to tile backsplash, you cannot undermine the impact of having good lighting inside your kitchen. Consequently, when you have excellent lighting, you are emphasizing the texture and colors of your kitchen elements and fixtures.

With that, we can install hanging ceiling lights, recessed lighting, and lights underneath your cabinets. Overall, the cost of installing light fixtures in your kitchen should only be 5% of your kitchen remodel total budget.


New Kitchen Sink and Faucet

new kitchen sink and faucet

Getting a new sink counter and faucet is highly important since it’s very noticeable for the viewers and possible buyers. Moreover, it’s one of the high-traffic areas inside your kitchen, so you need to upgrade its beauty and functionality for long-term savings.

Our team can professionally install various sink types such as bar sinks, self-rimming sinks, under-mounts, or apron-style sink counters.

Additionally, we are going to choose the right finish and style to best match with your cabinets, backsplash, and kitchen countertops.


Craft a Seamless Layout

The right configuration can make help make even the smallest kitchen work efficiently and comfortably. Leave enough room for cabinet and appliance doors to fully open, and keep the stovetop, sink, and refrigerator close to one another for easier food prep and cleanup.


These are just some of the ways that you can increase the value of your home by upgrading the kitchen. If you feel like replacing your kitchen is too costly or time-consuming, consider updating it piece by piece. This way, you don’t have to invest in everything at once and can save some money on renovations that aren’t as significant as others (like installing new countertops).

Want to start renovating your kitchen, but need some help deciding where to begin? At Strongwood Construction Ltd. we have years of experience in kitchen renovations in Medicine Hat and can answer all your questions. Let us know how we can help you decide on which kitchen renovations will help to increase the value of your home.