You really only need to focus on three things to make a kitchen look incredible. Beyond that, the rest is gravy. This will be a great place to begin if you are considering renovating your kitchen and want to focus on the crucial elements first. In this article, we will discuss three things to focus on that have helped numerous people in Medicine Hat start loving their kitchens. 

Also, this will all, of course, depend on your budget. So rather than recommending exact things to purchase, we will instead show you what to focus on, tell you why it’s important, and maybe give a few examples. 

A kitchen renovation should start with the lighting.

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Most of the time, when someone enters a kitchen, they initially focus on the floor, cabinets, countertops or appliances. While these all may be important things to consider if you want to change the atmosphere of your kitchen, the lighting is what showcases everything. You would be surprised what updated lighting can do for a room.

  • The tone of the light can set a certain mood 
  • The direction and intensity can also change the look and feel of your kitchen
  • There are also multiple color options as well if you are feeling more creative
  • Speaking of color options, smart lighting can be a very interesting and versatile option
  • You could consider recessed lighting for a clean and more spacious feel
  • If you have the room for a chandelier, or another hanging fixture or bar, that opens up a plethora of design options.

Those are just a handful of ideas, also here is an interesting blog that covers the importance of lighting as well. Lighting is something you should definitely consider before renovating, as it sets the tone and feels for your kitchen. Once you have a general idea of how you imagine your dream kitchen’s appearance, set the atmosphere with the right lighting and design the rest of your kitchen accordingly. If you need help designing your renovations or remodels, here’s some help.

Take advantage of extra space with an island

An island adds a whole new layer to your kitchen and too often we forget how versatile they can be. Use that extra space in your kitchen for an island. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be custom tailored for your kitchen. Not only is this a focal point for design, but it also has excellent versatility. 

  • An island is great for prepping meals and cooking
  • Adds additional counter space for kitchen supplies
  • Can be utilized for family meals
  • Accommodates more guests for get-togethers
  • It can accent the overall design of your kitchen 
  • You have the option for it to be movable as well
  • Islands can be adjusted to fit any budget and still add flair to your kitchen

There are even more things to consider as mentioned in this article. The point is that an island can be more than beneficial if utilized properly. By focusing on an island initially, you will be targeting many aspects and focal points for a kitchen renovation by adding it. Choose the right materials as well, budget accordingly but consider focusing your budget first on the countertop, as it will be the most important aspect. Match or accent your cabinets with the proper frame for your island, maybe you are using wood, metal, an aquarium; who knows. This just gives you a fair amount of control when you are steering your kitchen into a certain style. 

Countertops are where you should mainly be focusing in order to improve the look and value of your kitchen

As mentioned in our previous post, countertops are a high impact renovation to focus on. This is perfect for changing how the majority of your kitchen looks, and also adding substantial value as well. Now depending on your budget, your options may be vast or limited. Luckily, there are many options for both. 

Let’s say you have an unlimited budget and want what looks best and is the longest lasting. Typically people would go for marble considering its extremely high durability and stunning look. Granite is a slight step down but still offers durability and value. This is what someone wants when aiming for long term value and durability for current and future use. Adding a natural yet elegant design to a strong foundation. 

Now let’s say we are on a budget. Your main concern should optimally be durability initially. However if extremely limited, just get a vinyl that pairs well with the planned design of your kitchen. Something more durable, yet affordable, would be quarts and its many manufactured styles. This won’t be as durable as marble and granite but it still offers a similar look and feel without breaking the bank.

While you may be spending more going with the stone options, they will save you more money in the long run and retain their value much longer than a vinyl cover. However, at the end of the day, just utilizing the surface area of countertops to match and compliment the design of your kitchen can work wonders.

For more interesting ideas and points, here is an intriguing article on countertops you may find interesting.

In conclusion

When renovating your kitchen you should always start by taking a step by and understanding what you want it to be used for and what you want it to present. If you have a large family or frequent guests, this is not only more inviting but having the right accommodations such as an island can be rewarding. Your countertops play a large part in how your kitchen looks and also in its overall value, so choose wisely. And lastly, the lighting can make a world of difference, so unpack the possibilities and consult an interior designer if necessary. 

With these three focuses, you are well on your way to having your dream kitchen.  In upcoming blogs, we will discuss other strategies for kitchen renovations, and other renovation strategies around your home, so stay tuned.